Parking Enforcement in Staffordshire

Members who scan the Public Notices in the Mercury will have read last week that Staffordshire County Council will be taking over enforcement of street parking regulations from the police on 23rd March. The Council will then simultaneously delegate the responsibilities to the District Council. What does this mean in practice? Well, motorists who park on yellow lines outside the posted times when parking may be allowed, will face a parking fine. These will be enforced by a private company that is being employed by the District Council. It is understood that the fine could be in the region of 80, discounted by 50% for timely payment. The Council's responsibility will extend over all of the district, although the focus of interest is likely to be within the shopping areas. Enforcement of parking charges in existing Council car parks is separate and we believe will remain unchanged.

The police's reluctance to enforce parking regulations in Lichfield over the past few years has led to an element of complacency from motorists. All that is set to change after 23rd March, when we can assume that after an initial settling in period, the new wardens will set about their task with some vigour. What will the wider impact be, especially on residents living close to the City centre, who already experience extensive on street all day commuter parking? The Society has already drawn to the attention of the Council, the need to look at the issue of parking as a whole. Enforcement of parking regulations, charging regimes for the City centre car parks and the growing preponderance of all day commuter parking in residential areas are all part of the same issue and need to be considered jointly.

Roger Hockney
March 2009