The Member Survey - What do you think about your Society

In July 2010 a questionnaire was circulated with the Newsletter, seeking information from our members on the work of the Society. In the final count 30% of our members completed and returned the questionnaire and the results were reported in the November Newsletter.

Clearly the survey revealed the thoughts and opinions of only part of the membership. The views of the other part, the remaining 70%, were obviously not revealed. Perhaps caution needs to be excercised in generalising the survey result, but with that caveat in mind the survey does provide some interesting and potentially useful opinions and ideas.

A summary of the results is presented below and it is hoped that those who completed the questionnaire, as well as those who did not, will find it of interest.

  1. Speaker Meetings

    Number: Most members are in favour of continuing to hold 11 meetings a year, although there was some support for fewer, mostly ranging from 6 to 9.

    Weekday: Tuesday, followed by Thursday received the most first choice votes. However many of the other alternatives received some support.

    Venue: Most members are satisfied with St Mary's Centre although there were some suggestions for alternative venues.

    Time: Most members were satisfied with a 7:45 pm start although some suggested an earlier start to allow more time for social contact at the end of the meeting.

    Topics: Most members were saitisfied with the topic variety and there were several suggestions of topics for future meetings.

    Outside Visits: Most members were in favour of having outside visits.

    Attendance: Just over half of the members responding regularly attended our speaker meetings.

  2. Newsletter

    Number: Most members favour the current 11 issues although some suggested having fewer.

    Committee Clippings: Most members find them useful.

    Speaker Publicity: Most members find them useful.

    Speaker Reports: Most members find them useful.

    General Comments: Nearly half of the members responding made comments. Most were complimentary although there were some suggestions for change - e.g. a more modern layout and more use of colour and pictures.

  3. Website

    Computer Access: Over half of the members responding have access to a computer and of the above over half have access to a computer at home.

    Website visits: Most members have NOT visited the website. There was some comment about the need to keep it up-to-date.

  4. General

    Almost half of the members responding made some comment:
    the need for a younger and larger membership;
    the need to develop closer links with resident's groups;
    the society to be more active on local issues;
    committee members to wear name badges at meetings;
    a receptionist to greet new members and visitors at meetings.

  5. About Respondents

    Age: Almost all respondents were in to 60 - 90 age group.

    Gender: Fairly equally divided although there were marginally more male respondents.

    The full report has been presented to, and considered by the Executive Committee which will keep the ideas and suggestions under review.

Frank Horsfall
November 2010