Travel Information for Visitors

Over five years ago the Civic Society received an informal report from Transport 2000 on the information provided for passengers at the Levetts Field Bus Station. Their findings were subsequently reported to the City Forum in October 2009 and updated in October 2011.

For a visitor arriving in the City by Bus or by Train who needs to use public transport to continue their journey - perhaps to one of the nearby villages in the District - there has, until now, been no map showing the many bus routes which radiate from the City and no single guide as to where buses go. Whilst it is clearly possible to look at every bus stand to find this information, the choice may still not be obvious without a map to help select the best route.

I am pleased to report that there has at last been some progress. In December 2011 the District Council installed a new Tourist Information board at the bus station and it is intended that this will shortly be provided with travel information. Arriva Plc., our local bus operator, have also provided a small panel showing which company currently operates each route and which stand their buses use.

Clearly our bus station could be better - some more blue paint would be nice as three bus stands remain in brown - but we should welcome the District Council's new committment to provide travel information.

Peter Cousins
February 2012