Wind Turbines at Wall

A planning application was submitted to Lichfield District Council by Bower Energy for two 50 kW Wind Turbines on Green Belt land near Wall (Roman Letocetum).

"The pleasingly rural nature of the site preserves something that has long gone in the vicinity and as such has to be treasured. Anything that disrupts this limited reminder of the recent past must be deplored especially by any structure as aggressively novel as wind turbines at such a commanding, visually prominent, position.

"They would exist in a perpetually unhappy relationship within the landscape that will not be resolved in time. The landscape has quite enough discordant elements in it already without there being gratuitous additions to it. To claim that the turbines will be 'small' just because they are measured against monsters of 100m simply won't do as an argument, as 100m turbines are rarely imposed on such an intimate landscape inland.

"As it stands the proposer's turbines are seriously dominant from immediate viewpoints. The Society feels that the community will live to regret this project should it come into being.

Alan Thompson
October 2012