Muzio Clementi - A Distinguished Lichfield Resident

In the music world of the late 18th / early 19th century Clementi was a significant figure. Today he is much less known than many of his still celebrated contemporaries, amongst whom were Mozart and Beethoven.

He was born in Rome in 1752, but largely educated musically in England, and he spent most of his life as a composer, conductor, pianist, piano maker and music publisher in his adopted country. Because of his contributions to the, then still developing, piano he is known as the 'Father of the Piano'. As pianist and composer he developed the virtuoso style which flourised in the 19th century and onwards.

His work influenced his comtemporary Beethoven as well as later composers such as Chopin, Faure and Debussy. Mainly through his music publishing (he secured the rights to publish Beethoven's music) and his piano making busines he became a rich man.

When he retired in 1830 he moved from London to Lichfield and lived in Lyncroft House on Stafford Road (the property which is now known as 'The Hedgehog') before moving to Evesham where he died in 1832. In recognition of his contribution to music Clementi was buried in Westminster Abbey.

The Civic Society understands that Lyncroft House formerly bore a plaque which recorded his stay in the City. The Society is now exploring the possibility of reinstalling a plaque on the Hedgehog to comemorate Clementi's life and work as well as his stay in Lichfield. More information can be found on the Clementi Society's website:

Frank Horsfall
March 2016