Local Plan Review - Preferred Options and Policy Directions
A consultation running until 18th March 2019

Members who are concerned about the future of the City and District should be aware of an important consultation currently being undertaken by the District Council in relation to the above. When the process is completed the revised Local Plan will replace the current Local Plan Strategy and run to 2036.

The full documents are available at:

Of initial concern to the Civic Society, who are yet to formulate a detailed response, is the lack of change from the current planning strategy for residential development, in that the Council's Preferred Option (Option 1) is to focus development on the two main towns in the District, Lichfield and Burntwood. This is despite the document stating for Lichfield City (para. 6.5) that issues of relevance include the following:-

"protection of the character of the City from large scale development pressures",
"a limited supply of sites for development within the existing urban area", and
"existing social infrastructure including health provision and secondary school provision is unlikely to be able to accommodate further growth of the city".

Added to these could be other issues such as highway and transport problems and high levels of out-commuting by residents to work even with present housing numbers. Shortcomings in local infra-structure is likely to worsen if further large increases of housing allocations is permitted without substantial developer investment in off-site and community infrastructure improvements.

Although three other Options are put forward in the document, as follows:-

Option 2 - Town and Key Rural Villages Focused Development,

Option 3 - Dispersed Development, and

Option 4 - New Settlement Development.

The long-held views of the Civic Society that Option 4 - New Settlement has great merit, and should be the way forward for the long term, is not supported by the Council. The Civic Society has consistently supported a New or Expanded Settlement Option located to the north of the City, around Brookhay / Alrewas / Fradley, as such an approach relieves pressures of development on Lichfield City and its historic character and environment and safeguards existing Green Belt around the perimeter of the City.

It is considered this stance will continue to be that of the Society in the response to the current consultation. If members agree with our concerns, the submission of representations from individuals expressing these views would strengthen the case for a re-think of the approach by the Council.

Comments can be sent either:

Online using the Council's consultation portal; or
Email to: developmentplans@lichfielddc.gov.uk; or
Write to: Spatial Policy & Delivery, Lichfield District Council, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YZ

Please note representation forms for responses are available on the Council's website at:

Mike Pearson, 2019