Redcourt House Plans

After the exhibition of the Redcourt House plans at the beginning of March, 1981, the committee had a special meeting to discuss the proposals and, as a result, wrote a long letter to the Planning Department of the District Council. To summarise briefly, we were glad to know that this rather untidy part of the City was to be developed, but were rather concerned that this differed from both the Staffordshire Structure Plan and the Lichfield Town Map. We felt that 70% more shopping space was excessive, that it would concentrate the shops in one part of the city and very likely leave the other end (e.g. Bird Street) with empty shops. We simply thought the whole scheme too big for Lichfield.

Car parking was another concern and we thought that the 250 spaces proposed was not nearly sufficient for the increased trading in the area. The arrangements for the servicing of the new shops and those on that side of the existing precinct seemed to be far too cramped. Large container lorries would have difficulty in passing each other and would easily cause congestion, which in turn would cause delays in Tamworth Street.

So far as the design was concerned we were not happy with that facing Tamworth Street, which we did not feel fitted in with the present buildings and we particularly disliked the spiral ramp for the car park which would be obvious from Tamworth Street. We approved of the alteration of the present Post Office to form an entrance to the new shops but did not like the long high brick walls which faced Backcester Lane and Greasley Row. We hope to have further discussion with the District Council on this whole matter. We feel sure that other bodies in the City will have made their own comments and no doubt many individuals will have done so as well. We will try to keep you informed of what is happening at meetings and in the Newsletter.

Daphne Kibble
April 1981