The Old Police Station in Wade Street

Mercury readers will have seen, in the issue of Friday 7th May 1982, the Society's proposals for the old Police Station site in Wade Street. An artists impression was compared with a photograph of the site's present appearance. The Society has expressed the view that there is a need to retain some space in the centre of the city. This particular site would lend dignity and scale to the Civic Hall if the road was relocated in order to create a paved area immediately in front of the Civic Hall. In the event of there being a future need to extend this building the retention of this space would keep open options which might otherwise be lost. The site has been for sale now for some time and it has been suggested that it might be used for a new Post office. We hold the view that this would create a traffic problem and a pedestrian hazard. The Society awaits with interest the response of the District Council.

June, 1982