Open Forum Report - 22nd May 1986

The Open Forum meeting held on Thursday 22nd May 1986 was a successful exercise in seeking membership opinion upon a wide range of topics that were raised in the form of questions. A panel of Committee Members had agreed to field the questions initially and thus avoid long awkward silences. In the event the contributions from the body of the meeting, including those from members with specific areas of professional knowledge, were of particular interest.

Among the subjects discussed were: "The King Edward's playing fields" - provoking an admission of our failure to be forceful enough in our opposition to the loss of part of this open space; "Trunkfield Brook" - its lack of water and consequent squalor; "Young People" - how their interest in the Society and its objectives might be stimulated; "The failures of Architects and Planners" - our professional members, responding in an admirable and non-defensive manner, reminded us of the limitations placed on their freedom to influence by the demands of economic and commercial interests, as well as the "straight jacket" effect of the Green-belt.

Litter and the need to tie refuse sacks prior to their collection, the consequences of the building of the Birmingham Northern Relief Road and the question of the need for a super-store all provoked interesting responses and some innovative solutions. While within each topic a range of views was expressed, there was a recognisable consensus of opinion that strenuous efforts should be made to preserve and develop Lichfield's unique characteristics.

Ivor Mitchell
May 1986