Green Lichfield

The meeting on Tuesday 17th March afforded Mr Alan Richardson, a member of the Lichfield District Council's Planning Department, an opportunity to present a personal view of "Green Lichfield". His illustrated talk reminded us of the richness and beauty of some of Lichfield's open spaces and drew attention to the vulnerability of many of the trees and the stress to which they are subjected. He expressed particular concern for some of the mature trees in sensitive areas of the City, Minster Pool and Beacon Park. These examples of our Victorian arboreal heritage are showing signs of distress.

Darnford Park was presented as an example of what sensitive and thoughtful tree planting can achieve, undoubtedly an investment for a future generation. In comparing man's "management" with nature's "neglect" the choice, said Mr Richardson, is ours. He stimulated our thinking about "Green Lichfield" without unduly influencing our conclusions. One is left wondering how we can exercise our choice and what hope there is of it being effective. We have reason to be encouraged by the amount of tree planting being carried out by the Local Authority and voluntary bodies.

We also learned from Alan Richardson that he is arranging a guided tour of Biddulph Grange Garden - "the most important Victorian Garden in England", on Sunday 24th May.

Ivor Mitchell
March 1987