Energy and Power

At the Society's meeting on Thursday 21st January, Christine Walker from Drakelow Power Station addressed more than thirty members of the Society. Her talk on Energy and Power bubbled with a wealth of information, was bursting with statistics and was effectively illustrated by a set of high quality slides. All very relevant to our current and future needs for electricity. She described the Central Electricity Generating Board's balanced programme of production from fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and readily acknowledged the appeal of alternative sources of energy from wave and wind.

In recognition of the wide public concern about the safety of the nuclear power stations and the storage of radioactive waste, Mrs Walker gave particular attention to these aspects of the industry. This concern was emphasised during a lively question time and one had the feeling that a number of members remain unconvinced. Further doubts were expressed in a question about acid rain and its alleged responsibility for the destruction of continental forests.

This was a good meeting in which Mrs Walker effectively described the CEGB's responsibility for cost-effective production, planning for anticipated future needs and for minimising the impact of their activities upon the environment. Perhaps the most significant and appealing notion came from a member who suggested that our growing energy needs are a result of public prodigality inflating demand and wasting precious resources.

Ivor Mitchell
January 1988