Current Planning in Lichfield

At the Society's open meeting on 17th September John Colburn, Lichfield District Council's Director of Planning, presented an exceptionally well organised review of the past year, plus some projections into the future. The recent 20% decline in development had at least some virtue in giving the City a much needed breathing space, though it seemed that the now accepted County Structure Plan might well fuel yet another spate of building once the economy picks up again. The Local Plan was now to begin its progress through consultation and comment - new settlements were to be the on-going 'hot potato'! Otherwise the year had seen the completion of the Bloomfield Crescent scheme, a Council project which he urged us to visit for its aesthetic improvement alone, regardless of its social importance.

Mr Colburn then made a plug for the Council's contribution to National Tree Week in late November - a last big planting off Roman Way to which we are invited if suitably cloth-capped and wellied (watch the press and this Newsletter for further details).

What else? Well, the Swan Link Road was on the way as was (astonishingly) the Bird Street pedestrianisation; then there was Bolt Court (a favoured concept), Tesco's (it did have a favourable impact on City centre shopping) and both the Precinct redevelopment and the Swan Hotel were 'on'. But what would be the impact of the Orbital Relief road?

This was another absorbing evening from Mr Colburn.

Alan Thompson
September 1990