Visit to Cromford Mill, Derbyshire

What a marvellous turn-out as 40 brave souls went on the coach visit to Cromford Mill in Derbyshire on the 18th August. It was an extremely interesting day. Cromford Mill and the town are an example of historical dovetailing. Under the guidance of Darryl Clark of the Amenity Society - and the achievements of the Arkwright Society are quite outstanding - we were shown around Sir Richard Arkwright's water driven mill which was regarded as the beginning of the factory system as we know it today.

In the afternoon, with the help of Miranda Ward, we toured the town. I do not think than any of us will forget the pig sties, the latrines and the beautiful row of cottages in North Street, the earliest to be built by Arkwright for his workers. Neither will we forget the crossing of the A6 which was more noisy and busy than many London streets. The day was extremely hot and we had this whirlwind at the museum which blew off the ladies' bonnets. Finally, we were taken on a detour to Willesley Castle, the dream but not the home of Sir Richard Arkwright, with its spectacular views and strange architecture - no front door.

The Society's thanks must go to our guides Darryl Clark and Miranda Ward but, in particular, they must go to our Programme Officer, Brian Smith - who seems to have some divine connection to ensure that the weather on our summer visits is exemplary - and also to Muriel Crooks for her administrative work and collecting the money. It was a wonderful day, excellently organised. I shall be going back to Cromford again.

Mike Tole
August 1996