The Civic Society has always taken the opportunity offered by public consultations to comment on the Lichfield District Local Plan and sometimes on the local plans of neighboring districts. Some of these responses are available in the documents listed below.
The Lichfield Plan Review - 2020-2036
The draft Local Plan is Abandoned Local Plan Review 2020 - Preferred Options
The Public Examination is suspended Lichfield Local Plan - Public Enquiry
Response to the City Conservation Policies Lichfield Local Plan Review - Options
Response to the District Housing Policies Lichfield Local Plan Allocations, 2018
The Lichfield Plan Modifications - 2014/18
Lichfield Local Plan Allocations, 2017 New Green Belt Releases
Lichfield Local Plan Allocations, 2016 New Commercial Facilities
Comment on Inspector's Report New Settlement Alternative
The Local Development Strategy, 2013 Green Belt Allocations
Comment on Main Modifications South Lichfield Development
The Birmingham and Tamworth Plans - 2014/15
The Birmingham Development Plan - 2015      
The Lichfield District Local Plan - 2011/12
Green Belt Release Historic Environment
Housing Provision Office Provision
Car Parking Policy Employment Policies
Access to Trent Valley Station Infrastructure
Rail Access for Burntwood Superseded Policies
The Local Development Strategy, 2011 The Local Development Strategy, 2010
The Local Development Framework - 2009
Core Strategy - Preferred Options Core Strategy - Policy Directions
Comments on the 2004 LDF Document      
The Lichfield District Local Plan - 1994
Cricket Lane Objection Main Consultation Response