The Lichfield Civic Society was founded on Friday 24th February 1961 at a public meeting held in the Guildhall. Described in the Press as "probably as representative a gathering as any that had ever come together in Lichfield", the turnout indicated the extent of concern for the future of the City.
The 1960s were a time when many of our older towns and cities were subjected to major developments now considered to have been destructive of their special character. There was no reason to believe that Lichfield would be immune from the growing threat; for at that time an impending inquiry was about to consider evidence concerning that part of the Town Plan which proposed to drive a new road through "The Windings" - and across the grounds of the Theological College.
In its early life the Society established a number of study groups to investigate Heights of Buildings, Distribution of Open Spaces, Street Furniture, Preservation of Buildings, Development and Planning, Trees and Planting and Footpaths. The reports of these groups created a store of information upon which the Society subsequently based a number of submissions to the Local Authority.
The extent of the Civic Society's influence is impossible to measure for it has not been alone in pursuit of higher standards; but we are confident that the historic City of Lichfield would be different today had members of the Society and other like-minded people failed to make their voices heard.
The Society today continues to comment on a variety of local planning and environmental issues; including housing development, new shopping facilities and excessive street furniture. We also organise a series of monthly meetings which are addressed by speakers on a wide variety of topics.

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The society is a Charity (Reg. No. 505302) affiliated to Civic Voice and a member of the Historic Towns & Villages Forum.

The Lichfield Civic Society's merit plaque is awarded for the best new Architecture, Conservation or Landscape scheme in the City.
This Bull's head mosaic was rescued by the Civic Society from a former butchers shop in 1985, was professionally restored and is now on display in Lichfield College.