The Society has sometimes organised outside visits to nearby places of interest for its members. Some of these visits are reported below.
- 2010 to 2019 -
Elford Walled Garden Woodhouse Farm Garden The Locksmith's House
Whittington Garrison Church            
- 2005 to 2009 -
Visit to Atherstone Visit to Memorial Arboretum Lichfield Library
Sinai Park House The Plant Pot      
- 2000 to 2004 -
The National Forest The Leycester Gardens Catton Hall
- 1995 to 1999 -
Blithfield Reservoir Lichfield Record Office Visit to Cromford
Visit to Evesham Fazeley Mill St Johns Hospital
Lindford Bridgemans            
- 1990 to 1994 -
Catton Hall Burton-on-Trent Beaudesert Camp